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8 Reasons Little-Known Biotech Stock Set To Surge

Thanks to the pandemic roiling the markets…

If you want to finish 2020 with a massive profit opportunity… no matter who wins the election or what happens in the markets…

This ONE overlooked biotech company is the #1 pick to finish 2020 with massive profits. 

Here’s why:

  • Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, Vanguard have all written monster checks to this company.
  • VCs invested $12 billion in the first half of 2020 alone. Biotech is getting more attention, more investors, more government funding than ever before. 
  • Billionaires like Jeff Bezos are investing hand-over-fist. In fact, Bezos has already put over $130 million in this sector.
  • Baillie Gifford… the famous tech hedge fund that bought Tesla before it shot up 30X… owns 17 million shares.
  • Even Warren Buffett, who’s typically avoided tech… recently invested close to $200 million through Berkshire Hathaway.
  • Biotech stock can be remarkably resistant to crashes. Even during the crash of ‘08… The top winners of that year — going up 84%108%… even 382% — could all be found in biotech.
  • Billion dollar rocket-growth potential. The company business model has been used to grow another company’s valuation from $500K to $57 Billion.
  • Massive 5,900% technological boom. This company is squarely in the middle of a tiny sector that could explode in growth.

This company has seen 189%… 238%… 365% surges already — and it hasn’t even shared its biggest news yet…

This has major repercussions if you have any money invested. And could be the closest thing to buying Amazon back when it was $50.

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