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A big win for the blockchain industry…

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We haven’t talked about blockchain much this year, but the industry just got great news. Hester Peirce was just nominated for a second term at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Peirce is known as “Crypto Mom” in the blockchain community. She has been a vocal supporter of innovation in the space.

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce

And she is the one who came out with the proposal to allow a three-year grace period for blockchain companies to work on their projects before being subjected to SEC regulations.

One of the largest issues the blockchain industry faces right now is heavy-handed regulations by the SEC. It’s been so bad that billions of dollars have gone offshore to start companies in other countries.

This is something that those of us at the Chamber of Digital Commerce – a blockchain advocacy group I’m involved with – have been bringing to the SEC’s attention. Those billions should have stayed in the U.S. to build businesses, spark innovation, and drive economic activity.

And it all circles around the ability to raise capital.

To raise money, blockchain companies launch an initial coin offering (ICO) in which they sell tokens or digital currencies. The funds raised are used to develop the technology and ultimately launch the product. That, in turn, gives the token or digital currency value.

By cracking down on all ICOs, the SEC has smothered a brand-new asset class that unaccredited investors could find beneficial under the right circumstances.

And this is what Peirce’s proposal is designed to address.

Rather than run these blockchain companies off, let’s give them three years to raise capital, build their blockchain technology, and demonstrate that their token or digital asset has utility and value. At that point, the SEC can determine whether the token is a security that falls under SEC regulations.

This is a promising proposal that would help legitimate blockchain projects develop functional technology. And it would also help reduce fraudulent ICOs because those companies would know that the SEC will be checking in on them.

In another bold move, Peirce also suggested that the blockchain industry self-regulate. That’s impressive coming from a regulator. And it’s a great point.

If the industry can determine its own operating models around know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) laws, the SEC can be more lenient and cooperative. That’s a win for everybody.

Tech guru makes his next “BIG” prediction again… 

Jeff Brown – Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investor… he was just off the campus of Yale University presenting the next tech cash cow….

He’s just shared with the public for the first time… a piece of tech that could be worth a $100 billion dollars right now and it’s inside the object on the table. 

It’s the missing piece to the most anticipated new market — 5G could be worth $667.90 billion dollars…

By June it’s estimated 30 million American’s will have 5G access. And by the end of the year, almost 100% of the country will be 5G capable.  

That’s just America… 5G mobile phones will take over the world… Currently, 65 million Chinese people already have 5G access.

And every single new 5G phone will need this small piece… 

The shocking thing is…. only one unknown company produces this invaluable missing piece… and it’s stock is going to blow. 

Jeff’s last prediction was Nvidia… and now it’s worth $13.3 billion dollars… and Jeff is almost always right.

This time he believes this stock to be the #1 stock of 2020… 

And in this video, he’ll explain everything there is to it… this is just the tip of the iceberg…

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