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Apple Glasses will offer vision correction options

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Regular readers know that I believe AR glasses will be the next mass-market consumer product. And I even think they will eventually replace our smartphones entirely. I can’t wait to see the finished product from Apple.

As we know, Apple develops products that are elegant in design and simple to use. And from what we now know, the appearance of Apple Glasses will likely look very similar to a normal pair of glasses.

And rest assured – these glasses will also be functional in the usual sense…

After all, around half the world’s population uses some form of vision correction, and approximately 164 million Americans wear glasses already. So it only makes sense for Apple to take that into account. Otherwise, it would be missing out on about half of the addressable market.

According to the latest news, it looks like Apple will offer the glasses frames for around $499, with an additional fee for prescription lenses. Given that Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 debuted at $1,499 and $3,500, respectively, this is a far more reasonable price point to drive mass adoption.

Not surprisingly, this is right around the range that Apple priced its Watch, which made Apple the most successful watch company in the world.

There is also precedent for this as well. Focals, a pair of AR glasses by North, already has prescription options.

And while not AR glasses, Amazon sells prescription Echo Frames that incorporate Alexa capabilities into the glasses. This is a neat product, as I’ve been predicting that a key user interface for AR glasses will actually be voice.

As I mentioned before, Apple’s June developer conference will likely give us a clearer picture of what Apple has planned for the release. I’ll be sure to update readers on any new developments…

Tech guru makes his next “BIG” prediction again… 

Jeff Brown – Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investor… he was just off the campus of Yale University presenting the next tech cash cow….

He’s just shared with the public for the first time… a piece of tech that could be worth a $100 billion dollars right now and it’s inside the object on the table. 

It’s the missing piece to the most anticipated new market — 5G could be worth $667.90 billion dollars…

By June it’s estimated 30 million American’s will have 5G access. And by the end of the year, almost 100% of the country will be 5G capable.  

That’s just America… 5G mobile phones will take over the world… Currently, 65 million Chinese people already have 5G access.

And every single new 5G phone will need this small piece… 

The shocking thing is…. only one unknown company produces this invaluable missing piece… and it’s stock is going to blow. 

Jeff’s last prediction was Nvidia… and now it’s worth $13.3 billion dollars… and Jeff is almost always right.

This time he believes this stock to be the #1 stock of 2020… 

And in this video, he’ll explain everything there is to it… this is just the tip of the iceberg…

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