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COVID Vaccine Trials Resume for Two Drug Companies in the US



Amy Coney Barret Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

Federal authorities have made nearly 200 arrests this month and recovered dozens of missing children in a trafficking operation in central Ohio, officials said.

Several nations, including the US, have accused Syria of delaying the drafting of a new constitution until after the time period for international supervision expires.

On Tuesday Amy Coney Barrett was officially sworn in as the ninth justice of the Supreme Court.  Uncharacteristic for a new justice, she will immediately be dealing with at least 2 large issues presented to the court.



Sex Cult Leader Sentences to 120 Years


Machu Picchu Reopening for the First Time Since Pandemic Hit

This illustration highlights the Moon’s Clavius Crater with an illustration depicting water trapped in the lunar soil there, along with an image of NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) that found sunlit lunar water. (Credit: NASA)

NASA – Water on the Moon

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