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Debate Organizers Panic – Working on Next Debate



The NFL and COVID are not Mixing Together Very Well at All

Homeowners return to wildfire ravaged areas in California to find utter devastation.  For some, there is absolutely nothing left.

A last minute, short term vote from the senate took place to approve a spending bill in order to keep current government funding levels in place through December 11th.

Disney has announced widespread layoffs in its theme parks.  Almost 30,000 will be part of the employee layoffs.  Continued COVID conditions have caused the Disney damn to break.



A bar pilot climbs the ladder of a cargo ship.

Mississippi River Pilots are Responsible for 500 Million Tons of Cargo 


Republicans move rapidly to get Barrett seated in the Court

It Appears That Barrett was Trumps Pick Long before Ginsburg’s Passing

NFL Shuts Down Tennessee Titan’s Game Over Virus Concerns

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