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Do we need 5G if we already have Wi-Fi?

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The truth is that your at-home Wi-Fi is actually much slower than 5G.

Today, the average download speed for fixed broadband in the United States is about 132 megabits per second (Mbps). To put that in perspective, a typical HD movie is about 4 gigabytes of data. With the average fixed broadband speeds, it would take us about 4 minutes and 20 seconds to download that movie. That’s not too bad.

But I recently tried out 5G wireless networks in person during a visit to Washington, D.C. And the 5G speeds I saw there were nearly 1,700 Mbps. In other words, those 5G speeds were about 12 times faster than the average fixed broadband speed. Again, not 12% faster, but 12 times faster.

With those speeds, do you know how long it would take us to download that same HD movie? 20 seconds. That’s it. That is simply incredible.

Now, you are correct that any device that uses a Wi-Fi wireless network will not have to be upgraded. But it will not be faster than an average 5G wireless connection. That may change over time if a house is fortunate enough to have fiber to the home, but that’s pretty rare right now.

And for anybody who’d like to see the 5G speed test for themselves, simply click on the image below.

5G will be one of the most profitable investment trends of this decade…

Tech guru makes his next “BIG” prediction again… 

Jeff Brown – Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investor… he was just off the campus of Yale University presenting the next tech cash cow….

He’s just shared with the public for the first time… a piece of tech that could be worth a $100 billion dollars right now and it’s inside the object on the table. 

It’s the missing piece to the most anticipated new market — 5G could be worth $667.90 billion dollars…

By June it’s estimated 30 million American’s will have 5G access. And by the end of the year, almost 100% of the country will be 5G capable.  

That’s just America… 5G mobile phones will take over the world… Currently, 65 million Chinese people already have 5G access.

And every single new 5G phone will need this small piece… 

The shocking thing is…. only one unknown company produces this invaluable missing piece… and it’s stock is going to blow. 

Jeff’s last prediction was Nvidia… and now it’s worth $13.3 billion dollars… and Jeff is almost always right.

This time he believes this stock to be the #1 stock of 2020… 

And in this video, he’ll explain everything there is to it… this is just the tip of the iceberg…

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