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Do You Know Why Labor Day is Celebrated? The History Behind Our 3 Day Weekend



The Last Province in Afghanistan Falls to Taliban

Massive flooding raged through New Jersey and New York as a result of Hurricane Ida.  The damage is still being tallied.  Biden has released federal aid to the ravaged areas of the two states coming to terms with the floods.

One would think this group would be the first in line for COVID vaccinations but that’s not the case.  Many first responders such as police and firefighters are resisting being vaccinated.  Why is this the case?



Do You Know Why Labor Day is Celebrated?  The History Behind Our 3 Day Weekend


Got An Eviction Notice? Here's What To Do | Moving.com

 Goldman Gives an Estimate on Upcoming Household Evictions   

 Yikes!  Facebook Forced to Apologize After Its Artificial Intelligence Becomes Racist

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