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Dr. Fauci Lays Down the Rules for Holiday Gatherings


Satellite Device Used in Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist 

The latest historical statue removed from a college a campus is General Thomas “Stonewall’ Jackson from the Virginia Military Institute’s Campus. 

Many issues have intensified during COVID lockdown but one is starting to stand out in a negative manner.  Binge drinking has increased substantially during the lockdown periods.

New research has uncovered severe vulnerabilities in software which is use-d throughout millions of connected devices.  IN total, 150 manufacture’s products are involved.



Ohio Police: He Had a GUN – Family: He Had a Sandwich


Rebekah Jones posted video of state law officers raiding her home to her Twitter account.

Florida Police Raid Former COVID-19 Scientist 

NPR's Favorite Books Of 2020: The Book Concierge Is Back With 380+ Great Reads

Favorite Books from NPR for 2020

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