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FBI Monitoring Widespread Online Chatter for the Inauguration



CDC is Forecasting up to 92,000 COVID Deaths in the Next 3 Weeks

The coronavirus pandemic is having at least one positive effect.  Due to less travel, US climate emissions are at historic lows not seen since WWII.

Images of National Guard soldiers sleeping on the floor of the Capitol have raised questions.  The confusion was cleared as a spokeswoman informed that it was a designated rest area but not the troops housing while in DC.

The coronavirus vaccine rollout has been a mess in different states, especially when those states have left it up to each county to handle the task.  Multiple pharmacy chains say they can help smooth out the vaccinations process.



fbi-agents-will-investigate-the-disappearance-of-malaysia ...

Widespread Online Chatter About Inauguration Being Monitored by the FBI


COVID Workplace Safety Still an Issue for the US

Rare Comic Art Sells for Millions

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