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Federal Judge Gives Strict Orders to the US Postal Service


Both Fox News & the AP Called AZ in Favor of Biden and its Created a Huge Controversy

The United States Post Office is in the hot seat.  A Federal judge has ordered the post office to conduct sweeps twice a day in its facilities for mail-in ballots after all the mail I confusion.

On Thursday morning ESPN gave their employees the bad news.  Layoffs are coming and at least 300 people will be laid off along with eliminating 200 open positions.  Overall ESPN will be cutting its workforce by 10%.

The argument over poll watchers’ rages in many areas.  The Trump campaign, along with some poll watchers are claiming they have been shut out from their rightful duty while states continue to argue the other side.



The Presidential Race Tightens 


Humpback Whale Nearly Swallows Kayakers Off Coast of ...

Kayakers Once in a Lifetime Visit to a Whale’s Mouth

Marshmello's truck, after the suspect crashed it into a light pole.

 A Stolen DJ’s Monster Truck & a Police Chase

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