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Lawyers on Both Sides Standing by for a Close Election



Will Americans Renew Friendships After Decisive Election?

There’s no doubting that the election outcome will be contested, unless there is an overwhelming win.  Lawyers from both sides are on standby in the case of a ‘too close to call’ result.

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister finds that there is no alternative to the countrywide lockdown as COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing.

In Vienna, Austria multiple gunmen carried out a terrorist attack.  A massive manhunt is underway for the suspects by both the Austrian police and military.



Businesses Board Up Ahead of Election


The high school graduation photo of Lee Chun-jae, left, and a facial composite of the Hwaseong serial killer / Korea Times

Serial Killer Surprised he Wasn’t Caught Sooner

1Lt. Jacob Lutz examines a Navigation Technology Satellite-3 model at the Air Force Research Laboratory, which has partnered with colleges in a $40 million project to increase opportunities for minority students studying science and engineering. Photo courtesy of Tyrell Etsitty/AFRL

STEM Training Partnership Between Universities and US Air Force

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