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Man Who Predicted 2020 Crash Warns of Huge Event in 2022

Marc Chaikin’s newest prediction has gone viral, with over 4.5 million views.

According to Chaikin, who spent 50 years on Wall Street, a historic event in 2022 will cause a massive shift in the wealth divide.

“This will affect anyone who owns stocks,” says Chaikin, who accurately predicted the 2020 Crash. “Most people will never see it coming, for the simple and sad reason that nobody wants this to happen. Nobody.”

Chaikin predicts a new form of technology will disrupt everything.

“This is all a direct result of 2020,” he adds.

Chaikin – a popular guest on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money – has never shied away from sharing his controversial predictions.

Famously, he once predicted the collapse of in a debate on CNBC. When the stock went on to collapse 100 points overnight, his opponent took to the air the next day to admit that Chaikin was right.

Now, Chaikin is pointing to a huge change in the way thousands of companies will need to do business in 2022.

It will affect everyone from Apple to Amazon, he says.

“The best way to prepare is to simply get the facts for yourself and see what’s coming,” says Chaikin, noting that even 11 of the world’s best-known billionaires are getting ready for the shift.

With Marc Chaikin’s permission, we’re posting his full, new warning to the public on our website here.

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