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Mid December Target for COVID Vaccine


Open Skies Treaty Over with Russia

Attorney Sidney Powell is no longer a part of the Trump campaign legal team.  After making incredible accusations with what appears to be little evidence the team parted ways with her.

A huge jailbreak too place in Lebanon over the weekend.  Initially 69 prisoners escaped from their cells and 40 are still at large.  Neighborhoods have locked down with the criminals on the loose. 

A rocket was fired into Israel from Gaza.  The Israeli military retaliated with air strikes on ammunitions sites and a military base.



Antibody Treatment Received by Trump is Granted Emergency Approval


China’s Mission to Bring Back Moon Rocks

The dinosaur's long neck would have enabled it to reach tall conifer trees and stay in one spot while it ate, since moving such a huge body expended a lot of energy.

Ever Think Why so Many Dinosaurs Had Long Necks?

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