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NVIDIA’s big autonomous driving deal…

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Big news in the autonomous driving arena – NVIDIA just inked a deal with Mercedes-Benz for an in-vehicle autonomous driving solution. That’s right – NVIDIA is putting its self-driving technology in Mercedes’ vehicles. The 2024 models will be the first Mercedes with this self-driving tech installed.

That may sound like a way off, but it’s not that far out in the auto industry. Typically, car designs are wrapped up about three years in advance. And that’s where we are with this deal. These self-driving Mercedes will go into production in 2023.

Mercedes is the largest premium carmaker in the world. It produced about 2.3 million cars last year. This is a strong endorsement of NVIDIA’s autonomous driving technology by Mercedes. Mercedes is an automotive brand built on quality, performance, and luxury.

This is big news for the industry and a great win for NVIDIA. This multiyear deal with Mercedes will be worth billions for the company.

I remember NVIDIA back in early 2016 when I first recommended the company. It was just in the earliest stages of entering the automotive market, primarily with solutions that support “infotainment” systems in the cars. But those early efforts were the beginning of a much larger strategy for growing its business in the automotive sector.

When announcing this deal, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang tipped his hat to Tesla for the progress it has made in the industry. And Huang revealed that NVIDIA will implement a similar model whereby software updates can be pushed out to every Mercedes vehicle regularly.

To me, that’s the only way to go. Being able to update self-driving technology at any time is crucial. So I am excited about the work NVIDIA is doing in this space.

And I must report that this is even more bad news for Intel. Starting to see a trend here?

Intel tried to partner with Mercedes on self-driving technology. And Intel spent $15.3 billion to acquire Mobileye as the centerpiece of its autonomous driving ambitions. The acquisition was completed in 2018.

Still, Intel couldn’t ink the deal with Mercedes.

It’s also interesting that Intel invested in Here Global, which is a European mapping company largely owned by Audi, Daimler (Mercedes), Porsche, and BMW. Essentially, Intel was looking to “buy” favor with Daimler and others by providing capital to their jointly owned business.

Tech guru makes his next “BIG” prediction again… 

Jeff Brown – Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investor… he was just off the campus of Yale University presenting the next tech cash cow….

He’s just shared with the public for the first time… a piece of tech that could be worth a $100 billion dollars right now and it’s inside the object on the table. 

It’s the missing piece to the most anticipated new market — 5G could be worth $667.90 billion dollars…

By June it’s estimated 30 million American’s will have 5G access. And by the end of the year, almost 100% of the country will be 5G capable.  

That’s just America… 5G mobile phones will take over the world… Currently, 65 million Chinese people already have 5G access.

And every single new 5G phone will need this small piece… 

The shocking thing is…. only one unknown company produces this invaluable missing piece… and it’s stock is going to blow. 

Jeff’s last prediction was Nvidia… and now it’s worth $13.3 billion dollars… and Jeff is almost always right.

This time he believes this stock to be the #1 stock of 2020… 

And in this video, he’ll explain everything there is to it… this is just the tip of the iceberg…

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