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PhD Economist: “Copper Penny Holds Key to Growing Your Wealth in 2022 in America”

Something odd is going on with our money.

This might be the most important story in the financial world that nobodyis talking about.

It has little to do with stocks, bonds, or cryptocurrencies…

But according to Goldman Sachs, one investment could soon soar by 66% as a result.

What exactly is going on? And what does it mean for your money?

It all traces back to the ordinary, copper penny.

In the world we grew up in, the value of a copper penny was one cent.

No more, no less.

But today, you might be shocked to find out the same copper penny is worth far more than that.

If you understand why… you’ll soon know the secret to building wealth in America in the months ahead.

Former Goldman Sachs executive Nomi Prins, who walked away from a million-dollar career on Wall Street says:

“A ‘Great Distortion’ is warping the American economy, and the end result will be a historic transfer of money the likes of which we’ve never seen. Many will be left behind… but those who see what’s coming will have the chance to multiply their wealth in the months ahead. And it can all be explained using this simple, copper penny.”

Go here to see a short demonstration that explains why this is happening, what happens next, and what you could do to capture your share of the profits.

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