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Some States Still up for Grabs in Presidential Election and Why


Are Some Crowds Ok Based on Your Politics According to Officials?

What US States are still up for grabs in the presidential election?  What makes them this way and why?  A breakdown of each.

Confused in New York City?  The Health Committee Chair for NYC cheered for the crowds celebrating a Biden win but then posted a severe warning over another wave of COVID the next day.

The media has called the race for Biden in his bid to win the presidency.  That same energy that provided Biden with votes didn’t translate to Congressional races.



What Is The End Of An Era? 'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Dies At 80

Will Jeopardy Ever be the Same? 


NASA astronauts for the the Crew 1 trip to the International Space Station are mission specialist Shannon Walker (L to R), pilot Victor Glover and commander Michael Hopkins, along with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency mission specialist, Soichi Noguchi, speak after they arrive at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Sunday. Photo by Joe Marino/UPI

Historic Astronaut Launch Set for Saturday if the Hurricane Doesn’t Change the Schedule

NASCAR Crowns a New King

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