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Tesla holds closed-door meeting with DC insiders

Last year, a high-level Tesla representative rushed to the Nation’s Capital.

There, behind closed doors, she delivered an urgent message to a roomful of D.C. insiders.

Tesla was facing an impending shortage of a crucial metal…


And they were desperate to find a reliable supply.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk – the pied piper of electric cars – doubled down on that message at a shareholder’s meeting.

He even suggested Tesla might get in the mining business, just to guarantee a steady supply of lithium.

“We’ll do whatever we have to,” Musk said.

But, according to angel investor and mining expert Dave Forest, Tesla won’t have to do its own mining.

There is a massive new discovery of lithium right here in America.

It’s just 214 miles away from Tesla’s giant Gigafactory.

And at full production, it could supply Tesla with 46 years’ worth of lithium.

One tiny $4 company owns the mine.

And shares could soar if they sign a deal with Tesla.

I just interviewed Dave Forest about this developing situation. And he told me how investors can take advantage.

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