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They Strike Again! Massive Ransomware Attack Derails Global Meat Production



The Largest Meat Supplier Was Hit with a Cyberattack – What’s This Mean for Consumers? 

President Biden and his administration have halted oil and gas leases within Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  The matter keeps flipping back and forth depending on which party holds the White House.

The United Nations has reported that an autonomous ‘killer drone’ has been used for the first time.  Until now countries have held back on the technology of a drone which can choose its own targets and kill at will due to the moral and ethical issues involved.  The UN said a ‘killer drone’ was used in 2020 during a fight in Libya.  However, it’s not stated whether or not the drone killed anyone.



They Strike Again!  Massive Ransomware Derails Global Meat Production 


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 Apple Phasing Out Intel Processors to Use Their Own

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