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Florida Man Who Picked Bitcoin in 2015 Says This Brand New Tech could Be 2,000X Bigger

1. He hand-picked the #1 tech stocks of 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020 based on return.

2. Spotted Bitcoin in 2015 when it was trading for $240… (Years before it surged 26,000% — to over $60,000 per Bitcoin.) 

3. His daily tech research helps over 1 million people move closer to their retirement goals.

4. And he’s been a private investor in 200+ of the world’s most cutting-edge startups.

Yet, Jeff Brown’s most recent interview is leaving even his most loyal followers stunned.

Because Brown’s says his latest discovery could be bigger than ALL his previous picks – combined: 

Disclaimer: While the examples above are real, the results may not be typical. All investing involves risk and you should never invest more than you’re prepared to lose.


If you missed the boat on Bitcoin, or if you’re confused about where to put your money into play in the high-growth technology sector.

Reasons why people trust him as an ingenious investor:

Click on the link above to watch this special interview while it’s still available online.


One of America’s most accurate tech investors says this tech could trigger the single biggest financial event since 1602.

On June 25, 20151 Jeff Brown issued an alert to buy Bitcoin at $240. This year it blew past $60,000 — a staggering 259X return. Now he's saying "This brand -new financial technology could be 2,000X bigger than Bitcoin - and you can get a piece for just $25."
(Watch the interview here for details)

“If my estimates are correct, this technology will have an impact 113 times bigger than the internet... 600 times bigger than 5G... and 2,000 times bigger than Bitcoin.”