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Urgent: Angel investor says Tesla on verge of billion-dollar deal

Dave Forest is an angel investor, former CEO and one of the foremost mining experts in the world.

Some folks have called him a real-life Indiana Jones…

He’s roamed insurgent rebel strongholds in Colombia in the search for gold.

He’s waded crocodile-infested waters on the most remote island in Indonesia – just to get a look at a nickel mine.

I’ll bet you didn’t know there’s a Buddhist Republic inside Russia.

It’s called Kalmykia. And Dave has been there to scout a new oil discovery.

But Dave does a whole lot more than look at rocks…

He turns his discoveries into massive profits… over and over again.

He started his first gold company in 2009 – the last time natural resources were such a buy.

Giant hedge fund managers like John Paulson – the same guy who made a fortune on the financial crisis – were part of a group of investors who put $80 million into his company.

Dave was named CEO. And when they found gold in Colombia, shares climbed from 5 cents to $2.41.

A 4,720% gain.

In the past year, he staked out a property for just $12,500.

And he now has an agreement to sell it for $250,000.

That’s a 1,900% gain if the deal goes through.

He recently staked out a gold discovery in Saskatchewan for $5,900 Canadian…

And he already has an agreement to sell it for $200,000 Canadian…

That’s a 3,290% gain…

Now, Dave thinks he’s found a massive opportunity for everyday folks.

He believes Tesla could be on the verge of a billion-dollar deal with a tiny lithium-mining company.

The publicly-traded stock goes for around $4 right now…

But could multiply on even the hint of a deal with Tesla.

Please watch my urgent interview with Dave Forest to find out how you could make a fortune on this opportunity.

P.S. Dave has been locked in on so-called battery metals – like lithium – for years now.

He’s already shown a handful of people how to make big money…

Like up to 400% on Azimut Exploration.

Or 127% on Cornerstone Metals.

Or NRE, which doubled in just seven days.

But he thinks this potential Tesla deal could be the biggest thing he’s seen.

Watch my interview to find out more about this $4 lithium company.

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