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US Intel ID’s Foreign Actors Meddling in US Election



The Supreme Court Has Rapped the Gavel – Probably Not for the Last Time in This Election

US Hot on Iran for Interfering in the Presidential Election.  Russia looks to have left a footprint as well.  Director of National Intelligence Reports. 

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos landed on Earth Wednesday evening after departing from the International Space Station.

Chairman of the South Korea’s ruling Democratic Party, said Wednesday he believes a tense inter-Korean relationship shows signs of improving and suggested that working together to battle COVID-19 and other public health issues could be a key step forward.



Purdue Pharma Reaches $8B Opioid Deal


Watch: Deer charges wildlife officer after being freed ...

A Utah sheriff’s office shared video of a wildlife officer being tackled by a deer after freeing the animal from a hammock with help from a deputy.

The excavation at Oaklawn Cemetery resumed Monday.

 1921 Tulsa Race Victims – Human remains Found

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