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What’s happening to gas prices… and why up to 500,000 fueling stations may no longer offer gasoline

Just what in the world is going on with gas prices…

Is it inflation?

Is it Russia and foreign oil?

Can the prices really get worse?

The real story isn’t getting reported anywhere.

Which is why it’s vital you see what’s going to happen next…

Turns out it has nothing to do with prices…

But the pumps themselves…

Nomi Prins, PhD and former Goldman Sachs executive, is blowing the whistle on what’s about to happen to America’s fueling stations:

She’s discovered as many as 500,000 gas stations in America are about to undergo a radical shift:

All the gas – gone forever.

To prove it, she went to the first gas station in the country… to no longer offer gasoline.

Hard to believe… even in the face of record high prices.

But it’s true. Shell Oil CEO said they won’t abandon this transition, high prices or not.

BP recentlyabandoned a $25 billion oil field… just abandoned it!

Exxon is considering selling off a $5 billion oil field in North Dakota…

As you’ll see in this video… as gas prices continue to spiral out of control… the surviving fuel stocks are going to do very well in the stock market.

Handing investors potential gains up to 100% in the next 12 months… and over the long-haul gains in excess of 1,000%.

So, go check out her video…

Her predictions over the last several years have been spot-on.

  • Calling gold’s spike in 2017
  • Green energy’s bull run in 2018
  • Record level stock buybacks in 2019
  • Predicted the Corona Crash in 2020
  • Warned of record inflation in 2021

There’s a good likelihood it goes viral… especially as more Americans find out what’s going to happen to their local gas station.

And it might save you a few headaches should it happen to yours.

Will 500,000 American Gas Stations Run Dry? Discover What’s Happening

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